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Participating Authors, Groups, & Publishers in 2017

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Death of MarcellusDan Armstrong graduated from Princeton University in 1972 with a BSE in Aerospace Engineering and has been a free-lance writer since 1980. He has self-published eight novels and a collection of short stories through his website Mud City Press.
unnamedA. Lynn Ash has written two adventure-filled memoirs about her life-long solo camping experiences. Her first, The Route from Cultus Lake details her year-long camping trip around the U.S. Vagabonda offers more camping adventures in the American Southwest.

baoding (2)Lee Barckmann went to China to teach English for three years. Upon returning he made a career in IT. Both experiences form the background to his novels. Barckmann lives near Portland Oregon with his wife Mary and continues to write fiction.

20170408_210628 (2)Donald A. Beaton:  I’m a first time author…The Brothers’ Coin is a fast paced historical fiction novel set in early California and 1930s San Francisco…with alternating chapters.

Joe Blakely graduated from college with a degree in History. He keeps hoping that Kevin Costner will read his latest of eleven books: The Drain Black Sox of Oregon vs The Alpine Cowboys of Texas. An amazing baseball championship story.

C. Steven BlueC. Steven Blue is a Poet/Publisher/Multi-media Performance Artist/Producer & Host of poetry events. Published in over 12 countries, in print and online; interviewed on TV, radio and literary magazines; six published books; publishes other authors and for statewide causes. Website:
51Lkay9-J7L._SY498_BO1,204,203,200_Connie Strome Bradley spent 50 years in nursing and administration. She was recognized as “First Citizen” of Florence, OR for community involvement. Snowball, the Nanny Goose of Sutton Lake, LuLu, the Dancing Snail and Madge and Bill, Barn Owlets are illustrated by Carol Unser.
CarlsonMelody Carlson is one of the most prolific novelists of our time. With more than 200 novels published, and book sales topping seven million, she’s received numerous national writing awards. She makes her home in Central Oregon.

Charles R. Castle, Jr. was born in Maine in 1951. His roots are deep in colonial New England. His heart has been rooted in Oregon since 1978. He worked in health care education and public affairs He started writing prose and poetry after retiring in 2011.

Coos CountyH. S. Contino is the author of Shipwrecks of Coos County and the newly released Shipwrecks of Curry County. She gained an appreciation for history from her grandfather, who owned a small antiques shop in New England.

Gail Eliott DownsGail Elliott Downs The Black Suitcase Mystery–A World War II Remembrance is a poignant love story that unfolded from over 200 letters involving B-24 Liberator bombers, the men who flew them, and the women who waited for their return.

IMG_0373 (2)Amber Rose Dullea, MA, M.Div. is a humorous and motivational speaker, radio host, coach and author. She brings compassion and connects with audiences as she covers topics about living a life of Wow even when life brings challenges.

C. Edwin Fender has always been a wordsmith. Ed was a technical writer until retiring in 2011 to write adventure novels and memoirs. His recent six-week adventure in Peru is now his writing focus! Ask him about Peru!

fisherJanet Fisher lives on a Century Farm bought by her great-great-grandmother, subject of her 2014 book, A Place of Her Own, published by Globe Pequot Press/TwoDot. Her historical novel, The Shifting Winds, was released in 2016 by the same publisher.
IMG_1914Judy Fleagle is the co-founder and co-chair of the Florence Festival of Books and the author of four books including Crossings: McCullough’s Coastal Bridges, The Crossings Guide to Oregon’s Coastal Spans, and Around Florence (a history,1876–present).
Aaron FosterAaron Foster writes YA spy adventures, but keeps his day-job cover as an IT manager. Awesome tech and globetrotting escapades keep his characters busy, and readers of all ages excited to be along for the ride.

Michael Foster is the author of three novels. His first two historic novels in the Wakanisha series comprise the story of two generations of a Lakota Sioux family, circa 1865 – 1900. His third novel is an unusual romance.

Burney GarelickBurney Garelick: A lifelong piano player of words, I have written five books since turning 70 three years ago, including two volumes of Metropolitan Opera reviews, one novel interspersed with theater reviews, and one collection of short stories.  My new book of reviews is The Caterwauling Critic.
Leigh GoodisonLeigh Goodison is the author of Renascence, science fiction, Limboland and The Jigsaw Man, medical thrillers in the St. Augustus Chronicles, Wild Ones, a young adult novel, and two works of nonfiction. She is originally from British Columbia, Canada.
Joshua Greene started The Archives, LLC as a way to protect and restore his Father’s photographic legacy. The son of legendary Hollywood and Fashion photographer Milton H. Greene, Joshua has produced three books chronicling his Father’s career including Milton’s Marilyn.

Stephen Griffiths is the author of Guerrilla Priest: An American Family in World War II Philippines. Guerrilla Priest focuses on the formation of the first guerrilla resistance against the Japanese in northern Luzon during the war.

Quinton Hallett writes and edits from Noti, Oregon. A former art administrator, Quinton has three poetry chapbooks, and her first full-length collection, Mrs. Schrödinger’s Breast (Uttered Chaos), shifts physics vocabulary from the lab to matters of the body and heart.
Gary Hartman is a retired Electrical Engineer who has written build-it yourself books for children and adults … two covering toy-making and scientific devices, one on building Grandmother-style wall clocks, and two on building repeater rifles. He lives in Lebanon, Oregon.
John Herbst has written three adventure-filled books with fictional character Jake Meissner. They are loosely based on his own life.
Evelyn Searle Hess is the author of the Story of Life during 15 Years of Camping. She is on a quest for ways to live harmoniously with the earth.

blogphoto (2)Christy Hill: In Journey Into Intimacy Christy Hill presents the allegory of the Bible’s most tender depiction of God’s love for His people as seen in the Song of Solomon. Journey into the depths of God’s love and find the feast waiting.

Joshua Hirschstein & Maren Beck authored Silk Weavers of Hill Tribe Laos: Textiles, Traditions and Well-Being (Thrums Books, 2017). Part travelogue, part silk-weaving primer, this book introduces the culture and textile artists of a group of traditional silk weavers in Laos.

Patty Jacobs: In A Long View, Patricia Jacobs third book, she tells of her family’s role in early Longview, Washington, history, growing up in a lumber town surrounded by rivers and distant mountains, and her life in Oregon after college and marriage.

AUTHORS, contd.

Jane's bio photo (2)Jane Kirkpatrick is a previous featured speaker for the Festival. She brings her latest release, All She Left Behind and other award-winning titles. Her stories are based on the lives of historical women and men often ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives.
River of SolaceGary Lark is an Oregonian and award winning writer.  Lark is the author of three full books and four chapbooks including Without a Map and River of Solace.

IMG_8998 (2)Laura LeHew: Widely published Laura LeHew’s latest collection is Becoming. As the managing editor of Uttered Chaos, a small press, Laura dedicates herself to publishing the very best books, chapbooks and anthologies of poetry by NW writers. See or

Mary-Kate Mackey is an award-winning writer and author of Write Better Right Now—The Reluctant Writer’s Guide to Confident Communication and Self-assured Style. If the act of writing is challenging, but you have to do it—this is the book you need.
A. Roz MarA. Roz Mar lives near the ocean where she works, writes, and creates veil art. She hopes that her books and paintings will inspire people to search, explore, and ask the deeper questions. Visit
James D. McComb: High tide literary fiction staged in the Puget Sound during the 1970’s. Graphic explorations of the obsessive motivations of two men willing to risk self-destruction in their pursuit of a redemption for a young woman’s death they may have caused.

minerRon Miner is a writer and author of Sketches of a Black Cat, an award winning WWII story of a little known night flying squadron.  This book is popular with collectors and WWII enthusiasts and is filled with historical photos and artwork.

MoodyNancy Carol Moody is the author of two collections of poetry, The House of Nobody Home and Photograph with Girls, as well as an 8-poem chapbook, Mermaid. Nancy lives and writes in Eugene, Oregon.

Myrick CL Myrick: A gift was given to me; I try to share it with others that I see. You will notice that I write about everything. So come with me as I journey into our world of reality. And a bit of fantasy.

nicholsKaren D. Nichols’ new Roots of an Oak is here. Set in Oregon, the books contain a dog story, love story and an intriguing ending: Thornton House, Unexpected Gift, Second Chance Heart, Triumph Over Fear, The Moral of the Story.

Carolyn Nordahl (2)Carolyn Nordahl has lived in Florence, Oregon since 1952. In addition to cooking, Carolyn has enjoyed art and design since childhood. Her expertise in watercolor is reflected in this book. She is a book designer for Port Hole Publications.

Richard Nordahl (2)Richard Nordahl has lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1946. He worked as a millworker and carpenter for his entire life until retiring to pursue his hobbies. Hunting, fishing, and now writing has added a new sparkle to his life.

Dorothea Wollin Null was just a young girl when American bombs demolished her German town. Uprooted overnight, she and her family found themselves on a journey of survival across Europe. Surviving ‘Uncle Hitler’ is her first novel.

Cyan Orr’s chapbook From Inside Schrödinger’s Box is a collection of vibrant lyrical poems that explore the longing, curiosity, and wonder in which we attempt to understand the box that contains us and the unknown beyond. Cyan lives in Florence.

Michael Pungercar: The Promise Kept is the history of the Air War Over Europe in WWII as seen through the eyes of eight veterans of the Eighth Air Force. The author’s father was a B-17 Radio Operator. The book contains 200+ photos.
unnamedSally Sherwood Rash is the author of Sally’s Silly Small Step System, an adaptation of a an award winning speech at Toastmaster’s International Speech Contest. Sally’s memoir will be available in 2018.

R. Roderick Rowe explores a post-apocalyptic future in which one tribe has built a new culture to thrive and succeed in the challenges of their times. Both spiritual and sexual morals and values are explored.

Anita Runyan: Journey into the Great Mystery is the true story of Anita Runyan’s midlife foray into mystical realms as she transforms from skeptic to spiritual seeker. This book describes her major kundalini opening and ensuing adventures with light bodies, shamans, and more.

Tshionyi pic (2)Dr. Muabilai Tshionyi, author of African Folktales for children and adults. Traditionally transmitted orally, these folktales are now captured on paper in delightful style and vibrant illustrations. More info: or click Meet the Author and listen to the KLCC interview.

Jacob and his brother (2)Jacob Wenzel was born on a sailboat during a cruise. He was soon swept overboard and rescued by penguins. He lived among them until he was found seven years later. He still has not adjusted to life among humans.

George Byron Wright is a native Oregonian and the author of the Oregon Trio, a unique body of work comprising three novels set in the small towns of his youth. Baker City 1948 was published first, followed by Tillamook 1952, and Roseburg 1959.


Book CoverMertz & Friends: Joshua Mertz has two books of poetry (one humorous, one serious), a dystopian scifi novel and an anthology of Halloween stories for grown ups. Autumn Bradley has the Science Starters Collection: a series of books written in rhyme, meant to get grade-schoolers thinking about careers in science. Laura Romeyn has Breathing Spirit, which offers 60 nonreligious poems arranged by the instigating emotion. Suggestions for writing prayers appear in the Afterword. Category: Spiritual Self-help.

Siuslaw School District Writers Elementary through middle school students work under the guidance of Kassy Keppol to produce published books.


First Steps PublishingFirst Steps Publishing is a publisher producing and promoting a variety of genres. Since we work closely with each and every one of our authors, we are very selective with our acquisitions. This selectivity ensures that each project receives the exact amount of time and attention required in order to promote its development effectively.
unnamedLuminare Press offers a one-stop shop to meet all your self-publishing goals. Our services include book design and layout, custom covers, editing, distribution, marketing, promo packages and more. We’re a fast, friendly and affordable and we produce first-class books.

Picture1Maple Creek Press is a full service book publishing company located on the central Oregon coast. Published works range from historical, architectural, art, children’s, poetry, hunting and trapping, how-to, inspirational and memoir.

Port HolePort Hole Publishing was founded in 2000 by author Ellen Traylor as a means to reissue her own books after she procured rights from her former publishers. Over the years Ellen was approached by other authors who had projects, and in 2009, the demand and interest had grown to the point where she could no longer refuse. Presenting authors with a message…Port Hole Publishing is proud of the writers who have entrusted us with their priceless words and vision.

Watchtower, Bible, & Tract Society The Watchtower has a circulation larger than any other magazine in the world. Each issue has a print run of more than 42 million copies. Awake! is second, with a circulation of 41 million copies each issue. Learn more at

mi1_838Stone Ring Press Edwin Wollert publishes novels under his two pseudonyms. Dale Geraldson has written Dreamers of the Grail, about the Arthurian legends and featuring a female Galahad. D. T. Kizis offers Packs, about backpackers and wolves and their encounters in Alaska.