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What do you want to read? Check out this year's amazing list of participating authors and publishers...only at the Florence Festival of Books!

Children’s Books 

Connie Strome Bradley is a co-founder of The Florence Festival of Books. In retirement, she has written three popular children’s books, “Snowball, the Nanny Goose of Sutton Lake,” “LuLu, the Dancing Snail,” and “Madge and Bill, the Owlets in Harper’s Barn.”

Wendy Gorton holds a master’s degree in learning technologies and is a former classroom teacher. Today, she is a global education consultant, who has traveled to more than 50 countries to design programs, build communities, and train other educators to do the same.

Bonny Button Books/Ladd Jackson––Join Bonny Button, a feather-footed Brahma chicken of extraordinary abilities. Set during the Pioneer Era in Oregon, these are the exciting adventures in which Bonny Button lands into trouble! Somehow, she always solves the muddles she gets into and has amazing experiences along the way. 

Donna McFarland is the author of over 15 books, including early readers, chapter books, piano instruction, and a How-To on KDP publishing. In addition to writing, Donna works as a freelancer, formatting print and eBooks for self-publishing authors.


  • Pattie Brooks Anderson
  • Edwin Fender
  • Suzanne Parrott

Young Adult

Cherie Coon, retired educator, is the writer of YA books. Specifically, she writes about historical/fantasy with emphasis on empowering girls.


  • Jessica Bird
  • Barbara Woster


Edwin (Ed) Fender retired from Marketing to refocus his writing skills on novels and memoirs. He has written three memoirs, two adventure novels, and one children’s book. He lives in Eugene and has a seaside cottage in Yachats.

Kathy McCullough learned how to fly in Gainesville, Florida, when she was 16. And in 2007. she retired from Northwest Airlines as a Boeing 747 captain. Nowadays, she splits her time between a wheat ranch in eastern Oregon and Florence, Oregon.


Francis “Doc” Archer’s genre is historic fiction. He has written “The Privateers.” His book offers quality adventures for the reading public.

Dan Armstrong graduated from Princeton University in 1972 with a BSE in Aerospace Engineering and has been a freelance writer since 1980. He has self-published 12 novels and a collection of short stories through his website Mud City Press.

Jerry Rust’s background includes being in 1965 Peace Corps in India, a Lane County Commissioner, and as an English teacher in China. He is now a candidate for Oregon 9th District Representative. He has published “The Shandong Question,” “The Bridge,” “Klamath Canyon,” and “The Covered Bridge Murders.”


Lee Barckmann grew up in New Jersey, and then studied Economics and History at the University of Kansas, He did various jobs, and then went to China to teach English. He went on to a career in IT. Barckmann is now a full-time writer.

Nancy Rhodes is an author of literary fiction. She published her first novel, “Blue Song,” last year. Nancy’s novels share her passion for whales and travel. She is working on a sequel.

R.P. Ritter is a world-travelling business executive who also writes . . . a lot!


  • Sue Fagalde Lick


Larry LaVoie combines engineering skills with artistic talent to create amazing art using various woods intricately machine carved. He is also the author of more than 20 novels, all mystery/thrillers and mostly set in the Northwest.  Available on Amazon and at Backstreet Gallery, Florence.

Ron Lovell had a career as a magazine writer before joining the journalism staff at Oregon State University. The author of 14 textbooks, hundreds of magazine articles, 10 Martindale Mysteries, and 4 Lorenzo Madrid Mysteries lives in Gleneden Beach, Oregon.

Barbara Woster is an educator, author, and business owner. A tragedy set her on the path to become an author. Find out more by visiting Barbara online at:


  • William L. Sullivan

New World

Nin Bebaeu, retired psychologist, created graduate school in psychology and healing, has presented a futuristic vision of how to build a peaceful community, a book on one woman’s journey of self-discovery, and another with creative insights into how fate unfolds. Books available online


Pattie Brooks Anderson is an author of romantic fiction set on the Oregon coast and illustrated children’s books that have environmental themes. She is working on a sequel to her romantic fiction novel.

Melody Carlson is the prolific writer of more than 250 books, some of which have been made into movies. She is, perhaps, best known for her yearly uplifting Christmas novellas.

Karen D. Nichols is a writer of novels––“The Ring,” “Death on the Pier,” “Roots of an Oak,” “Triumph Over Fear,” “Second Chance Heart,” “Unexpected Gift,” and “Thornton House.” Expect a love story, dog story, mystery, adventure, suspense, and surprise endings in each novel.


  • Lori Tobias
  • Barbara Woster

Speculative/Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Cy Bishop enjoys life in the Pacific Northwest with his life-mate and little sprout. He uses his degree in psychology to create unique, quirky characters. When not writing, he can be found reading, watching movies, or wasting time on the internet.

Jason A. Kilgore is a multi-genre writer in speculative fiction, including horror, fantasy, and sci-fi. He loves hiking and camping in the mountain wilderness areas of Oregon. Kilgore has two teenage children, a bunch of cats, and an insatiable craving for chocolate.

R.M. Seidler loves words and hot beverages and is the author of several books of fantasy that transports away from the stresses of life into a new world. She infuses the richness of steampunk into her fantasy world with the twist of time travel. 

Darlene Weingand, after 20 years of academic writing, became aware of an interesting story line. Eventually, the book in her head became impatient and she began to seriously listen to it. Since then, it has turned into actual books and become a fun and stimulating part of her life.

Robin Woods loves words and hot beverages and is the author of several books of fantasy that transports away from the stresses of life into a new world. She specializes in fantasy infused with mythology. She also helps other authors find inspiration with her creative writing workbooks.


  • Lee Barckmann
  • N.J. Hanson
  • Lew Hollander

Women’s Fiction

Debra Whiting Alexander has been the recipient of numerous awards for her novels, “Zetty” and “A River for Gemma.” including the WILLA Literary Award, Eric Hoffer Book Award, Sarton Award, and Will Rogers Medallion Award.



Ann Southcombe spent her career of 40 years devoted to giving meaning to the lives of captive animals. The stories in her books are about and from them. She has helped animals in zoos, sanctuaries, and wildlife rescue centers.


George Durant, a writer of literary and personal essays in the style of Michel de Montaigne, has worked in all aspects of book business––publishing and bookstore ownership and management. Durant recently moved to Florence from Portland area to retire and write. Current book is first compilation of essays.


Lew Hollander writes about the inner self––finding yourself and soul and ego; the future––results of global warming, how to have a perfect government, the future of humanity; sports––the challenges of older triathletes; and science fiction.


William L. Sullivan is the author of 23 books about Oregon hiking, history, and mystery. A fifth-generation Oregonian, he writes an outdoor column for the Register-Guard in Eugene. He summers at the roadless log cabin he and his wife built in the Coast Range north of Florence.


  • Judy Fleagle


Joe R. Blakely is the author of 17 books and lives in Eugene. He loves the public and writes books that they may enjoy.

Jennifer Chambers writes fiction, women’s history, and true crime. She’s also a podcaster at The Resilient Podcast Network and at the upcoming Hodgepodge podcast. A co-owner of Groundwaters Publishing, she founded TEDxVenetaWomen and attended the Iowa Summer Writing Program.

Leslie Compton has detailed her extensive research for “Dearest Minnie, A Sailor’s Story” through lectures and classes.  Her latest title, “The Forgotten Artist, the Story of Evylena Nunn Miller,” an artist in the early 20th century, released, August, 2022.

Judy Fleagle, co-chair and co-founder of Florence Festival of Books, is a working editor, has written six books, and posts weekly at Among her books, she has written about the historic coastal McCullough bridges and the history of Florence, Oregon.

David Turner is the author of four books of local history in central Willamette Valley. He has a new book on “Fish Lake in the High Cascades” (200+ pages and color throughout), about the historic site near the headwaters of the McKenzie River.                


  • William L. Sullivan


Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. Psychology, speaker, teacher, writer, counselor, explorer of life, consciousness, awareness, creative expression and joy. Now engaged in Life-Changing coaching to make a difference in the world, teaching yoga and helping people find more love and joy in life.

Jessica Bird’s work is written from a place of vulnerability, honesty, and a desire to empower readers to live their full potential. Jessica lives on the Oregon coast and is a warrior for compassion and non-violence. She has suffered from Cystic Fibrosis all her life.


  • Lew Hollander


A. Lynn Ash is the author of three solo camping memoirs, and “Eugeneana,” a story of childhood in Eugene, Oregon.

Evelyn Searle Hess, surrounded by her western Oregon woods, explores the wonders of the natural world. She considers how people might apply ecosystem lessons to counter unproductive human social and economic relationships.

Sue Fagalde Lick, a former Bay Area newspaper reporter, has published 12 books, most recently the novels “Up Beaver Creek” and “Seal Rock Sound,” two poetry chapbooks, and non-fiction books on childlessness and Portuguese Americans. She lives in Newport.

Lori Tobias is the author of the memoir “Storm Beat – A Journalist Reports from the Oregon Coast,” and novel “Wander,” winner of the Nancy Pearl Literary Award. She lives on the Oregon Coast with her husband Chan.


  • C. Edwin Fender
  • Judy Fleagle
  • Karen D. Nichols


Eric Alan is an author, photographer, and lyricist whose four books span a range from nature spiritually to baseball. His new book, “Grateful by Nature,” offers gratitude as a transformative practice, within a return to nature.

True Crime

Leslie Ghiglieri––My law enforcement career began at a 911 Center in Santa Cruz, California. I joined the Sheriff’s Department in Josephine County, Oregon, in 1980, working in dispatch, records, and warrants. I later provided computer services to local criminal justice agencies in Southern Oregon.


  • Jennifer Chambers


Christi Krug, a writing coach, uses mindfulness, movement, breath, and nature to support creativity. Fifty library journals and numerous anthologies have published her writing. A community educator for 25 years, she leads retreats and workshops throughout the Northwest.

Suzanne Parrott  Suzanne Parrott is an author, illustrator, graphic designer and speaker, winning several Montana Addy Awards for design excellence. Her works include: Ebook Formatting and Publishing Guide, The Lost Sigil Ebook Guide, and 10 children’s books.


Rod Hatter ( aka Panhead Rod ) writes poetry in many different formats from biker poetry to poems about life and nature. His business is Hatter Publications, located at

Gary Lark’s most recent collections are “Easter Creek,”  “Main Street Rag, “ “Daybreak on the Water,” Flowstone Press and “Ordinary Gravity,” Airlie Press . His work has appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Catamaran, Rattle, Sky Island, and others.

Catherine Rickbone, based in Newport, Oregon, is the author of two poetry books: “What She Knows” and “Labyrinth Dance.” She appears in Oregon Poetic Voices archive hosted by Lewis & Clark College. Upcoming books will include personal essay and poetry.

Brooke Shafer, retired social worker, offers her heartfelt poetry, celebrating life. Her book is also available online at:


  • Hope Hill
  • Sue Fagalde Lick


Citation Press publishes non-fiction titles, including “Top Gun: the Making and Legacy of an Iconic Movie” and ”Below the Line: Anatomy of a Successful Movie.” They are expanding into other areas of non-fiction and will consider proposals. Citation Press also offers fee-based editorial services, such as copy editing.

GladEye Press is an independent Northwest publisher of novels and non-fiction books. Representing authors Sharleen Nelson and Patricia Brown.

Jehovah’s Witnesses publish many books, brochures and primarily the Bible for worldwide distribution free of charge. Also, electronic publications including the Bible can be downloaded to electronic devices for free as well. Download from their website at under the “Library” tab.

Luminare Press offers book design and layout, custom covers, editing, distribution, marketing, promo packages, and more. We’re fast, friendly, and affordable, and we produce first-class books. Patricia Marshall, Publisher.

Writers Groups

The Cottage Grove Harpies are a creative writing group based in Cottage Grove. They meet twice monthly, providing critiques, conversation, and comradery with the members. Their goal is to produce a forum for local authors to showcase their short stories, essays, and poetry. They also strive to develop a local writing community and author network by hosting public readings and publishing their 2021 anthology, “Language of Shadows.” Members include Rod Williams, James Burke, and Dan Liberthson.

Deadlyduomysteries––Between them, Carolyn J. Rose and Michael A. (Mike) Nettleton logged more than 50 years in radio (KUGN and KEX) and television (KVAL) in Oregon and other states. They live in Vancouver, WA, and write mysteries filled with quirky characters including substitute teachers, Bigfoot, and some very stylish ghosts. For more information, visit

Ink Drop Press––Hope Hill is an author, poet, and former foster child. Starting at age nine, she worked to overcome adversity through writing. Her works have been published in multiple magazines and anthologies. N. J. Hanson is a member of the California Writer’s Club, and has been writing seriously since high school. His love of science fiction and fantasy has led him down this path with his first book, “The Last Stand of the Dragon,” released at age 24.

Sisters Writes is a read-and-critique group that meets weekly in Sisters, Oregon. They have published award-winning books and produced works for museums, libraries, schools, magazines, newspapers, and journals. The members enchant children and parents, publish non-fiction and fiction, write from their hearts about life’s mysteries before and after death, and weave stories into works that are page-turners. Most of all, they support and encourage each other as they develop their writing craft. Members include Valerie J. Anderson, Edie Jones, and Linda Weber.